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Epic Fusion has served the shipbuilding industry for nearly 40 years and its customers are all leading builders of commercial and military vessels. We have a thorough understanding of the production challenges of the shipbuilding industry.

Chinese Manufacturing Equipment Digital National Engineering Center has served the  Chinese shipbuilding enterprise for nearly 10 years. Its customers are very representative enterprises in China, such as Wuchang Shipbuilding etc.

Using the advantages of both sides, combining with China’s national conditions, Epic-Hust provides complete and suitable solutions to China's shipbuilding industry.

Our solution enables you:

• Viewing all production and assembly sites

• Visualization of material and parts

• Efficient and accurate delivery to shorten manufacturing cycle

• Synchronous tracking of material delivery,  accurate inventory management,  reduced inventory costs

• Real-time tracking and reporting project status, on time delivery 

• Complete and  fast traceability

To stay competitive and maintain industry leadership, shipbuilding enterprises must improve their production efficiency and make full use of labor and collaborative supply chain. Facing the problems of long production cycle and  fixed-price  contract, cost control and schedule management are essential for profitability.