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Chinese Manufacturing Equipment Digital National Engineering Center has  served for Chinese Aviation, Chinese Space and National Defense Enterprises for nearly 10 years. Its customers are very representative enterprises in China, such as AVIC 1 and Sanjiang Space. Canada Epic Data products have been used in aviation, aerospace and defense industry for nearly 40 years. Our customers are all leading industry giants in commercial and military vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters and special equipment areas. We know clearly the special challenges that aviation, aerospace and defense manufacturers are facing.

Using the advantages of both sides, combining with China’s national conditions, Epic-Hust provides complete solutions suitable for China's manufacturing industry.

Our solution enables you:

•real-time and synchronized global cooperation with  production project partners to launch new products faster;

•accelerating the  raw materials to production cycle to easily customized the production;

• real-time and accurate plan and quickly responding to shop floor labor supply,  parts flows and production process;

• strictly control of inventory, cost and production plan by real-time parts and labor supply;

•product serialization management and quality control, parts audits and product genealogy

• improve efficiency of tools and parts   maintenance, repair, and spare parts operation.

Aerospace and defense  manufacturers are facing a series of unique business challenges: global competition, the same fixed price, unpredictable market and security issues. They need to simplify the production process and adopt lean production quality management specification to improve efficiency, while ensuring the security cooperation and make detailed records of the products.