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Epic-Hust Digital Factory Solution

Modern industry has experienced three revolutions -mechanization, electrification, information technology, and the fourth l revolution in the future is inevitably be intelligent manufacturing combined of machine, electricity and information. The establishment of digital factory is the cornerstone to achieve intelligent manufacturing. It can improve the enterprise production performance from digital equipment, digital implementation and digital control three aspects.

Also, the  digital factory realizes the data sharing cross the enterprise, , changes the manufacturing management model from isolated layered management  to collaborative  management ,  achieves optimization of resource allocation, visualization of work floor production, fast response of manufacturing and real-time coordination among various departments.

Epic-Hust Digital Factory Solution

Epic-Hust provides a comprehensive solution for digital factory that covers the  production, quality, logistics of shop floor execution, provides powerful functions in digital equipment, implementation and control:

Digital Manufacturing Equipment Layer 

Accurate and instantly sending process-control instructions to the on-site industrial computers, intelligent terminals and manufacturing equipment               

By integrating numerical control equipment, industrial robots and on-site testing equipment, real time acquiring  the first-hand information of manufacturing equipment state, production process progress and quality control parameters ,  passing to the execution level and control level to achieve the visualization of shop floor production  and  agile decision-making.

Adopting the advanced data collection technology. Data can be collected through a variety of easy-to-use shop floor devices, while ensuring synchronization and effectiveness of production data information transfer.

Digital Manufacturing Execution Layer 

Improve manufacturing resource utilization and per capita productivity, reduce the cost of production by advanced scheduling of shop floor production and reasonable tasks assignment.  

Respond quickly to delayed orders, parts or labor supply shortages, production equipment breakdown to ensure that production schedules are met by real time control of production status; Adjust original plan with shop floor execution to fulfill the work order on time.

Captures quality data at the source and allows for immediate reaction to quality problems, stops defect from getting to the following process. 

Forecast the production plan and material needs to ensure the right parts delivered to the right place at the right time, to reduce the part shortage and cost of inventory.

 Digital Manufacturing Control Layer 

with comprehensive business intelligence / manufacturing intelligence (BI/MI) functions, provides business analysis reports for quality control, production performance, compliance, product genealogy, life cycle management  etc.

Using advanced customized and scalable vector graphics technology, user can easily create dash board, graphic displays and reports based on the demand and industry characteristics of their enterprise. 

Acquire the real time, historical and analyzed information any time anywhere through pocket PC, PC, large display screen or Epic-Hust’s multiple purpose terminals.

Epic-Hust also provides a digital factory solution for labor management, parts tracking, document control, process management, etc, and various interfaces for the integration of ERP and other enterprises’ systems.

Epic-Hust’s digital factory solutions can solve the following problems for customers:

 Production Site: process visualization; quickly response to various types of abnormalities; ensure the orderly production;

 Production Plan: reasonable production arrangements; reducing the bottleneck problems;  improve the overall production efficiency;

 Production Logistics: reducing logistics bottlenecks; improving accurate of logistics distribution;  reduce downtime caused by part shortage;

 Production Quality:  accurate predict quality trends;  effective control quality defects;

 Management Decision:  detailed base data;  intuitive decision-making process; reasonable decision results

Epic-Hust not only develops a powerful manufacturing and operating management software system, but also has a number of domestic and foreign professional industry experts with years of experience in advanced manufacturing field. Combined the best practice of the industry with the actual needs of enterprises, Epic-Hust promotes the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing enterprises to keep their competitive