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Epic-Hust and CSIC Electrical Machinery work together to build High-performance Digital Factory

Author:本站原创    Date:2013/4/19 11:30:08

Epic-Hust Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation: Epic-Hust) has started to cooperative relationship with CSIC Electrical Machinery Science& Technology Co., Ltd.( Abbreviation: CSIC).

CSIC Electrical Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-owned joint-equity enterprise organized by Shanxi Fenxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., an affiliate of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). The company keeps to a policy of “high quality and global sharing” by providing top class electrical products, solutions and global services. It serves as a manufacturer of famous medium and small generator sets, an integrator of quality diesel generator sets, and a manufacturer of leading domestic air separation equipment.

The factory in Wuxi of CSIC mainly produces large generators. Epic-Hust will focus on production plan management, data collection, quality management, as well as report display in assembly workshop and machining workshop. Business operations and production management of CSIC will be improved by Epic-Hust, and finally it can help them to achieve the target to become a high-performance digital factory with quick response, high quality and low cost.