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UniMax MES boost Wuhu Yongda digital factory establishment

Author:Original site    Date:2013/4/25 11:19:31

Epic-Hust Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation: Epic-Hust) has started a good relationship with Wuhu Yongda Technology Co., Ltd. recently .And Epic-Hust will provide UniMax MES system for Wuhu Yongda to become a digital factory to achieve real-time collection, management and feedback for all information during production process. It can not only improve production efficiency and product quality to achieve quality tracking by batch tracking, but can also achieve efficient integration combined production process and management decision by manage materials and by monitoring critical equipments.

Wuhu Yongda Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd which is specializing in car manufacture and sales of colored and black casting and forging with 1320 employees. And the information construction is relatively in a bottleneck period which has influenced rapid expansion of Wuhu Yongda.