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MES Project for General Dynamics Electric Boat

1、 Requirements

The General Dynamics Electric Boat is the primary builder of submarines for the United Stated Navy. As contractor in defense area,  it needs to follow the strict labor accountability system from the National Defense Department. Their main requirements include: 

Reducing the processing time of card entry system and training for 9000 employees.

Tracking the labor costs for more than 250,000 persons.


2、 Solution 

Three implementation teams  cooperated with the manufacturer solving  the problems about  implementation specifications, data research and development, testing procedures  and hardware related issues, as well as platform design and installation. 

Basic Data Management System

Automatic Data Collection

Cost Tracking

Barcode Reading Terminal

Scalable Integra Platform


3、 Achievements

Time saving: eliminated handwritten time card, avoided waste labor cost causing by input mistakes, saved hundreds of hours on labor tracking and problem solving.

Automatic labor time collection: Automatic labor time collection can save supervisors one hour a day. Through the online access to the labor time and accuracy of the job codes, managers only need one third of the time to review the labor cards.

Job progress tracking: Timely labor cost information helps tracking the working progress, provides real time updates on working status for supervisor.

Payroll updating based on visualized attendance: managers can easily get the attendance information, reasonably track the sick leave and vacation and promptly update the payroll.