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SANY Digital Factory


The logistics project of SANY aims at logistics management and control. Key requirements are as follows:

Reduce the stop-line rate: The stop-line rate caused by delivery delay should be less than 1%.

Improve the performance of delivery: The implementation rate of delivery should be 100% guaranteed. Distribution managers dispatch the materials according to time sequence, work cell  and work order information to assure materials are delivered to production sites on time with the right  quantity.

Reduce the part shortage on line side : The shortage rate caused by picking mistakes should be less than 1‰.


The project covers the distribution process for the three main products:  on-vehicle pump, pump truck and bracket pump. The  area is from 14 warehouses, including the large storehouse, storehouse, central storehouse and North and South storehouse, to 4 general assembly lines and 13 sub-assembly lines :

Logistics Modeling

Basic Data Management

Logistics Plan Management

Distribution Management

Logistics Monitoring /Inquiry

Statistical Analysis

System Maintenance 


Standardized the logistics execution process; Developed the cross department, cross platform logistic information system to support information coordination and sharing among the dispatchers, logistics operators, production operators and managers; Achieved full management from warehouse, dispatch plan to logistic execution and distribution. 

The main effects are as follow:

Real-time acquisition for material requirements  on production lines

Automated warehouse operations

Automated distribution by AGV vehicles 

Integration management for warehouse materials

Integration with ERP  inventory management system

Lean Management of Material (Digitalization and Batch Tracking)