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The MES Project for a world famous U.S. manufacturer of defense equipment 

1、 Project Background

This defense equipment manufacturer is a military aircraft manufacturer whose headquarter is located in the United States. It is a world leader in jet fighter design, research and manufacturing. We have the close customer relationship in the past 30 years.

2、 Solution

The core of this solution is IntegraNet platform. IntegraNet supports  a powerful on-site data collection. It is able to constantly acquire information through data-collecting equipment and send data to the enterprise systems instantly.

More than 15 application program interfaces have been set up to transmit data to or from the site. The information onsite can be  transferred to the enterprise application systems in real time, including:  

     SAP Labor Management

Operating Cost

Material Tracking

Tool Tracking

Accessing Control

Monitoring Report

Hazardous Material Traceability

3、 Achievements

Workers on site can receive the following information:

Production working instructions

Relative process to complete orders

This military aircraft manufacturer constantly updates its automatic data collection network to combine with MES system and the latest technology of other manufacturers. They are the first company  to use varieties of data collection technologies including bar code, magnetic stripe and RFID.

      A general data collection platform connects 16 enterprises application programs.

 Input once, data can be validated and shared cross systems synchronously.

The re-use of the common users’ interface brings the increase of the ROI and minimize the cost of retraining.

Supports the future expansion.