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JAC MES Project


Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd (JAC) is an automobile manufacturer integrated research, manufacture, sale and service for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and powertrain. Its manufacturing process is complicated, includes stamping, welding, painting and assembling, and also requires lot production preparation. The main requirements are:

Data integration and display with AVI, PMC and ANDON system 

Track  and manage WIP status

Real time data collection of  production

Logistics distribution optimization and associated production of multi-workshop 


2. Solution

Epic-Hust provides MES solution to JAC’s three manufacturing bases  for  commercial vehicles, passenger cars and multi-functional commercial vehicles. It includes a series of hardware and software solutions that cover the four main manufacturing process-vehicle stamping, welding, painting and assembly to achieve logistics distribution optimization and associated production of multi-workshop. It meets the JAC’s requirements through process scheduling optimization,  accurate material distribution and production consistency.  

Order Management

Advanced Scheduling and PBS Monitoring

Configuration List Management

WIP Tracking

Safety-critical part Management

Logistics Distribution

Product ID Management

Report Management


 3. Achievements

UniMax MES helped JAC to achieve lean production in vehicle stamping, welding, painting and assembly plant, and also improved its order management and logistics distribution. 

Production efficiency improvement: The efficiency is increased by 20%.

Inventory reduction: Stamping WIP inventory is reduced by more than 30%.

Color change reduction in painting production: Color change in painting production is reduced by over 30%. Dispatch switching frequency for the key parts in assembly is reduced by over 20% and the accuracy rate for production data is increased to 99.97%.